Tuesday, 24 April 2012

What’s the Crack?

These last few days, it has been very cold here in Johannesburg, well compared to my friends in the northern climes, not that cold but our homes are not built for the cold so we really feel it here. So here I am, this evening at home trying to feel cozy, listening to some of my favourite Celtic punk music and my dogs tucked under the blankets in their bed. I am feeling morose on this chilly evening, no maybe a little bored. Let's crank is music up a notch or three. Today's photograph is of the photograph that is on the wall above my computer. It is of my friend David which I took while he played the fiddle at the Market on Main. David is from Waterford in the Emerald Isles, well at least he's not a Kerryman. Erin go Bragh.

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