Monday, 30 April 2012

Queues and more queues

Today seemed a perfect day just to ride to nowhere. Typical of a Johannesburg winter's day, today there was not a cloud in sight. So I mounted Sophia and rode in the opposite direction that I should have. I rode into town. My first stop was the Vehicle Licensing Department in Randburg and I was not expecting the queue to be out of the door, yes it looks like everyone living in Joburg had the same idea. Waiting in this queue, I saw the spirit of Jozi. A black lady offered up her seat for a pregnant white lady and stayed with her chatting about babies, smiling and laughing. This is my Johannesburg.

An hour later I was out of there and walked into Multichoice only to find another queue snaking its way inside of the building. Luckily this queue was only half an hour of time wasting then it was off to the Randburg Vehicle Testing Station, at first no queue was visible and I was happily jumping through all the hoops until I reach Building B and hit another queue. The delay was that there was only one operator using the eNaTis system and many people had also decided that today was a good day to do all the mundane things. eNaTiS is the electronic National administration Traffic information System but what I don't understand is why this acronym has alternative Upper and Lower case letters. Anyway I spent only half an hour in this queue here then I headed back home to put my feet up, enjoy the rest of my day off and continue with the rest of my long weekend. Ah the good life in Johannesburg.

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