Saturday, 14 April 2012

Linex Yamaha

I needed a new rear tyre, a Michelin SM100 120/70 10 to be precise, for Sophia and knowing that Vespa South Africa sells them in excess of R1000 fitted, I started phoning around last Thursday. Most of the places said that they didn't have stock and one, Full Throttle said that they would phone me back but didn't, thanks for that. Cayenne Honda quoted me R800 plus R120 fitment, which would be under what Vespa would have quoted. But Linex Yamaha in Randburg, came back after contacting Michelin themselves with a whopping R297.55 fitted inclusive VAT. The catch was that Michelin can only deliver the next day which meant that I had to wait for today to get the tyre fitted onto Sophia.

Excited, I filled Sophia's rear tyre with Tyre Weld and headed out for Randburg. Being a Saturday meant that Linex Yamaha only had a skeleton crew manning the workshop or should I say wo-manning. Meet Judith, the mechanic who wears Prada, well after hours that is, now she was wearing blue overalls, flat shoes and a bandanna. She reminded me of an Africian Rosie the Riveter. For those who don't know who Rosie the Riveter is, she was a fictional character created during World War Two by the United States government to encourage women to work in the factories due to the shortage of men. Sistas "We Can Do It" was the rallying cry. Later Rosie the Riveter was adopted by women's groups seeking to empower women.

While I was Linex Yamaha, two BMW GT1200 came in for tyres because they said to me that they found Linex Yamaha's prices good. Okay I am digressing, now where was I, oh yes, it is rare to find a female mechanic in South Africa, yet alone an African one. All I can say is that Judith did a good job because Sophia was happy therefore I was pleased and because there wasn't a hole in my pocket. All I was concerned about was that Sophia didn't get used to having a female mechanic working on her.

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