Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Life's Orchids

A Chinese poem says that "the most beautiful orchids grow at the bottom of the gorge; the orchids fragrance fills the forest". Orchids have this essence of beauty that just does it for me. It is a lonely kind of beauty, one that stands alone on a counter top or in a forest of tropical green. Even wintry roses pales in comparison to the delicate warmth of the orchid.

This beautiful specimen was found in Marilyn's kitchen when I went over for dinner and to help with her Art Décor database. Sadly Sophia didn't want to leave as she presented me with a flat rear tyre when it was time to head back home. Must have been the orchid's magnetism that 'cause Sophia to stray but sorry for her, as we bundled Sophia into the back of Marilyn's Mercedes Vito van and headed home. Now the flat tyre is tomorrow's problem while I go tend to the orchids.

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