Monday, 16 April 2012

Eishkom Lights Out

Ja met ys, met ys. Well today was just about a write off, what else can I say about Monday. Firstly during the whole morning the internet was extremely slow then about two o' clock the electricity was switched off. Found out that most of central Johannesburg and suburbs was affected by an Eskom sub-station that went offline, eish.

Power was only restored after four which didn't leave me much time to finish up my work. Well at the moment the Eskom can be thankful that the pressure off them as they are not the worst hated company in Gauteng any more but a close second. They have lost the lead to Samral and their new tolling system. In a distant third place is the City of Johannesburg with their billing debacle followed closely by the Johannesburg Roads Agency with broken traffic lights and potholes. The long winter is coming, which means more power cuts by Eskom but so are the tolls.

To pour water onto oil, I heard that a few friends went on a photowalk to Hillbrow this weekend, and I didn't even get the nod. Now that was not very nice of them at all. Oh well I'll need another Scotch with ice, yes with ice please.

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