Friday, 2 March 2012

Vespa Scoots

Scoots, waar ons suip tot die donker verdwyn. Well after a hard day, mostly coding, it was a pleasure getting on the Vespa and riding across to Scoots, the Italian scooter place in Fourways. Arriving at Scoots, a beer was thrust into my hand, welcome. Scoots has become the place to pop in on a Friday on the way home. If you need any Vespa or Lambretta repaired, serviced, restored or even buy then there is only one place, and that is Scoots.

Bruce, shown above in the bright orange t-shirt is one of the partners of Scoots. He owns this Vespa P200e that has been instead of painted, been copper plated by a copper smith. There are some photos of it in one or two of my Facebook albums. Anyway, enjoy your weekend, 'cause I will.

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