Friday, 16 March 2012

Vespa Originale

Waking up this morning to rain wasn't what I wanted as I had booked Sophia, my Vespa ET4 in to get the front brakes and lights seen to, you know like a pedicure and a facial all at the same time. No backing out as I have a Soweto run on Sunday and this is the last day that I can get it sorted before the run.

So into the rain, Sophia and I headed and arrived at Scoots in record time. The rain was getting heavier and my doubts about getting a loan Vespa became real. After some heavy discussion with Sophia, I would get a lift home and use the car to work instead of getting a replacement for Sophia, if only for a day. I think I made the right choice as I got to work dry and safe.

Enjoy the weekend and Paddies Day, and if you out on the roads this weekend, keep safe.

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