Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Too many Jackies

I am really getting confused because now there is another Jackie, added to my list of Jac, Jack, Jackie, Jacky and Jacqueline friends. My poor contacts on my phone is now so confused and I am not far behind. After work, I went over to Marilyn's place because over the phone they said Jackie and her had somehow broken their Art & Décor website. Jackie soon arrived with her dog in arms and I soon managed to get both of them back on track with their website. This is a fairly old website using old technologies and when I mentioned that it is time to leave the old behind and get a fresh new website, Marilyn's face dropped, as she and her sister has put in so much time into the site. Jackie however was keen to get a fresh new start.

After an awesome supper at Marilyn's place of roast butternut and beetroot with chicken, I then made sure they knew how to continue editing the photos for the website then said my goodbyes and headed for the safety of my home and my dogs.

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