Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Ryan, Tyla and Ryan

Like Monday it was heads down from the moment I stepped into the office until I left although his time I was starting to get an headache by mid morning so I went out for a ride on my bike during lunch just to feel the wind in my hair and my mind racing to another tune.

But it didn't help because by 5pm I had excruciating pain behind my left eye, too much straining at the computer screen no doubt. Anyway so I packed up and headed home, swallowed pain killers then jumped into the car for a BBC Financial, Worship and Praise meeting. It has replaced the boring AGM and they did try to get it exciting as can be, although the 2012 year does look exciting from where I am standing, that is at the back on the right, if anyone noticed.

I took today's photo of Ryan, Tyla and Ryan practicing before the masses of BBCes arrive. I think this is the part were Ryan on the right broke a string on his guitar.

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