Thursday, 8 March 2012

On the cellphone while driving

Somehow I slowly started catching up on work that I was behind on. Never got stressed just started one end and worked my way through. Although I am glad that it is nearly the weekend. This evening I joined Craig, Edmund, Mike and Michelle for dinner at Craig's home. Would you believe it, Edmund cooked us a pasta meal. Yes you read correctly, Ed cooked. Well there goes his reputation. To finish off the meal, Craig made chili chocolate samosas for dessert, yummy.

In between the chats and dinner, the challenge was on who can drive the best in a standard BMW M3 on Forza Motorsport 4. While Craig was strutting his stuff, his iPhone rang, it was Sandor, one of our other friends who lives way out in Benoni. From the sounds of the conversation, Sandor wanted help on a game. Now we had front row seats watching someone try drive a car on a race track in Switzerland while speaking on the cell phone. Not a pretty sight and the poor black BMW became somehow silver.

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