Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Green Car

Lying in bed this morning listening to the rain on the thatch was so therapeutical that I could have laid in my bed forever. But I had to get up and decide bike or car. It wasn't raining very hard, but the weather report said rain all day and that swung it to take a car to work day.

Giving myself an extra half hour, I took a leisurely drive to work. I joined the rush hour traffic with ease. I must be on something because this morning, the endless flowing vehicles looked like a lava flow, with my stream of hot molten rock flowing into the larger stream. Except it had to take a green car to spoil that for me. What happen to all the lovely flowing oranges, and reds. But breathe deep, one, two, three and go to my happy place. Now where was I, ahh the lava flow...

Before I knew it I was at work, doing my reports then it was back into the car for the trip back home. The sun was out in full force, the traffic was considerably lighter and my mood was high but that didn't last long as I arrived home to a volcano. Yes, somehow, my dogs had managed to open the door and get into the cottage while I was at work. This in itself is okay but the door closed behind them and they were trapped. Poor things must have been locked up inside all day. But worse was the condition of my home. The place stank of poo and wee, and every cupboard they could open was trashed beyond recognition. They found the dog treats, the cereal, the easter eggs, the dustbin with last nights chicken remains and my washing. Sigh. So now it is a late night spring clean when I need to be relaxing with my dogs. My family, it wasn't their fault, they were trapped inside and couldn't get out. I blame the green car.

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