Friday, 9 March 2012

ג'ייד נהר

Jade, my beautiful Italian Greyhound is always pleased to see greet me when I arrive home from work. Just over two years old she is once again the smallest dog in my pack now that Skye, my Whippet is slightly bigger at 14 and a half weeks. She is a graceful Italian Greyhound, well isn't all iggies?

Matthew adores all my dogs, and it is his weekend with me so the first thing he does is spend time with the dogs. This time he has the little worm on the couch with him. I call her worm because she as this tendency to worm herself into your arms. Her name on her KUSA certificate is Jade River in Hebrew, why Hebrew I don't know but that is what it is and if not worm then she is known simply as Jade.

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