Monday, 5 March 2012

Art & Décor Interior Decorators

Marilyn, a friend who owns Art & Décor Interior Decorators, phoned me this morning needing help as she and her partner Jackie tried to upload new artwork to their website but the images were not showing up in the browser. So I went over to Marilyn's for supper and a give a lesson on how to update their website for the umpteen time although Marilyn insists this is only the second time.

Well I don't mind as it is a lovely home cooked meal. Jackie joined us for supper and the get a better understanding on how their website works. It is my first time meeting Jackie and she arrived just as if she stepped out of a fine art class with paint all over her t-shirt and of course she didn't expect me to have my camera with me. I did not design nor develop their website, I am only helping them understand what they have and how to update it. I have suggested to them on redoing their website in say Wordpress which should be easier

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