Thursday, 1 March 2012

Arno at chaila tyd

The start of a new month and I have been behind a computer screen all day. Sigh, I didn't have much time to think of anything else but when it came to chaila tyd (South African slang for home time) I started looking around for something to photograph for today’s post.

I saw the remains of a few purple flowers in the garden outside my office so I started stalking them with my camera. I was so engrossed in the garden that I didn't see a head pop over the low wall saying "I thought I recognized you". It was Arno, an old friend from my photowalking days. Well I still do photowalking but Arno has joined us on and off. Arno has just started last month working next door to me, I think, as a graphic designer, and we didn’t even know how close we where. Unisda, a mutual friend, would get a kick out of this, now that she has a right brained person to keep a right eye out for me. We had a lovely time catching up over the low wall separating my office with his next door. And this chance meeting presented a perfect photo for my blog, Arno. Oh and his favourite quote is "Tien Ngeng Tie" which means " The Heavens are watching".

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