Thursday, 15 March 2012

Actual Events

It was raining softly as I left work this afternoon and carefully made my way to BBC. Merville had arranged a meeting with himself, Dave and me to discuss that I head up the usher duties at BBC. It might sound easy, but the admin work which involves drawing up and managing a roster and that scares me. Well the real reason is that I am not good at names, faces yes but names, they one second there and the next gone even while they still talking to me. Anyway I better sleep on it and hopefully this will all be gone in the morning. Now why do I have Meat Loaf's song playing in my head?

The meeting allowed me to get to know Dave better; we meet each other in the corridors of BBC and never really spend time to get to know each other. Now we having a meal together. Dave owns the event management company, Actual Events, yes an actual company that specializes in incentive travel, conferences, meetings, leisure travel, destination management services, honeymoons and holidays. Talking about holidays, I need one. Dave have you got something that needs a blog post written about?

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Dave Waltehr said...

Hi Jerome! Thanks for your post, and i must admit a really great photograph! :-)

Yes, I run a conference and event management company and I have spent this week running lunches, breakfasts and conferences for my corporate and international clients. It's been a hard week, but I would not swap careers for the world!

Great to meet up and get to know you better! Enjoy the weekend! Dave

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