Sunday, 19 February 2012

Blame Monopoly

I am very sorry for my late post of yesterday's scooter ride but Monopoly and the greasy scumlord Craig are to blame. Yes, that is correct. Craig invited me and a couple of friends over yesterday evening to a game of Monopoly and about 02:30 this morning I had to drag myself away as I had a 8:30 start a few hours later.

Nearly oversleeping but I somehow made it through the day. At BBC I had a good catch up with Sasika and Grant who are due to be married in about 6 weeks time. Sasika is following her twin sister Pauline and becoming a Butler. I am not sure if I have any wise advice anymore. At BBC I got invited to a lunch party at my good friend Jackie's place. I must have looked a wreck though but managed to drag myself away for a 4pm meeting with the animal behaviorist then a quick nap and only after all that managed to post about yesterday.

Oh boy, I am getting slow in my old age, well at least I have Monopoly to blame, what is your excuse?

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