Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Art of using an iPhone

What this lately that I am posting photos of people engrossed in their cellphones? Uhmmm don't know but I just love the way the colours came out in this photo compared to the others I took of David so I used this one of David as he was texting or is that SMSing on his iPhone instead of one where he was facing the camera. I was using my cheap kit lens as it was already on my Canon EOS 550D but it how the deep oranges, reds and the browns that came together did it for me. I call it the Art of using an iPhone, I better not say by an iSnob because David might take offense. I call all Apple product users of iPhones, iPads, and iTV - iSnobs because they love rubbing it in your face that they have one and we don’t. But I don’t think David has ever done that to me, yet. Android is the Future! Resistance is Futile! You will be Assimilated!

David is also a good friend and even better photographer as he enjoys the old school of photography by using film instead of digital like me; check out his new blog David Epstein Photography.

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