Sunday, 5 February 2012

Rain in Jozi

And the heavens opened up just as Matthew and I was about to leave to take him back home to the East Rand. The hail came down horizontal for a while at tornado wind speeds so much so that Matthew and I was a little scared. After a worse was over we made our dash but only found devistation. Our car port roof was sagging under the weight of all the ice and the one concrete column was totally broken but luckily the steel reinforcing was still holding it up. My vegetable garden was shredded. Patches of thatch on my roof was missing. The storeroom next door had some roof sheeting blown off. The front gate motor was sitting in a pond of glacier water and we had to manually open it and was the least of our problems. Driving out of the front gate we found the road impassable as it had turned into a raging river as shown in the photo above. Let the adventure begin.

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