Friday, 17 February 2012

Adobe Edge and Muse

This afternoon I was invited by Adobe as an Adobe VIP to preview their new products which are still in beta form in the Labs. The first new product introduced to us was Adobe Edge which is new web animation tool that delivers a final web product in HTML 5, not Flash. Yes you read correctly, no Flash. Leonard from Adobe stated that Flash is not gone entirely but is re-aligned towards video and online games. Didn't Director go this way too? Taking about Director, I found Edge very similar using the same vocabulary and methodology except instead of Shockwave Flash, it produces HTML 5. Interesting, I wonder if this is Director in other guise.

I was a bit concerned that designers may go and design whole websites using Adobe Edge as they did in Flash which will bring up the same SEO problems as before. For those who have lost me, SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, in other words allowing websites to be easily found by search engines. To answer my concerns on the SEO, Carla mentioned Adobe Muse, a HTML 5 web designer. Now this product looks perfect for designers to make websites quick and easily and SEO friendly.

Now what was really interesting to me was the new Adobe Digital Marketing Suite by Omniture. I am organizing a more in depth look into these analytical products by Adobe. Changing the world through digital experiences.

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