Friday, 20 January 2012

A Whippet called Skye

Wow, I am sure dedicating quite a few posts to my dogs lately. Well after the holidays I am heads down at work and don't get much time to have a break or even think about a photograph a day. Luckily this is my weekend with Matthew, so I left early from work and headed for the East Rand to pick him up. Driving east gave my my time to rest from all the reporting and coding in the week. Ahh, the fresh smell of the weekend with Friday being the anti-Monday.

Arriving back at my cottage in Treesbank, Matthew was surprised how big Skye has grown in two weeks. After bringing his stuff inside and greeting Maxy the pack leader first, Matthew picked up Skye and plonked himself on the couch. The two of them watched a bit of TV together then later went outside to play in the garden with all the dogs. Today's photo is of Skye sitting on Matthew’s lap while he is playing on the computer. Now as I write this blog, both Matthew and Skye are having a catnap on the couch. It seems Matthew and Skye are becoming what Matthew and Maxy used to be when both were very young, inseparable.

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