Friday, 6 January 2012

Wave House

The drizzle turned to heavy rain last night but by that time we had finished our braai on the patio and were safely tucked in bed. By morning it was all blue skies so we headed down to the beach before it got too hot for the dogs. We parked at Sheffield Beach and explored the low tide pools.

After about two hours, Matthew wanted to go boogie boarding so we took the dogs back to Paws for Thought and then headed to Durban for a safe children's beach. That is one the nice things about Paws for Thoughts, you can leave your dogs in safely while you step out for a while. Matthew and I ended up at Addington Beach and spend most of the day there just in front of the uShaka Marine World. Matthew had a wonderful time on his boogie board while I sat and watched from the shade of the beach umbrella.

On the way back home we stopped at Gateway Shopping Centre to fix my internet problem and while there we discovered the Wave House and Matthew could not resist the Flowrider. It was a perfect end to his day. But not for me, somehow I misplaced my parking voucher and was forced by Gateway to pay for the full day even though I was there for less than 3 hours and could prove it. Bad Gateway, bad. It will make me think twice before going to that mall again although Matthew loves the Wave House.

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