Sunday, 15 January 2012

Vegetable soup

With her last day in hospital, the doctors have one more blood test result still outstanding, and then Theresa is out of hospital but only as sort of a day patient. I posted on Friday that Saturday would be her last day, but it looks like Dr House can change his mind.

I visited Theresa at lunch time and while there her lunch arrived so she was tempted to try the soup of the day. She managed to get a few spoons down and found out that it was vegetable soup. As usual I was my impatient self and wanted to shovel the soup down but good things come to those who wait and it seems for those who eat soup at 3 spoons per hour. Theresa has had cortisone which has numbed the reflex muscles but by the third spoon, Theresa said she could feel her throat muscles trying to react and stop the soup passing. And they still can't find the cause.

Anyway tomorrow Theresa will be staying in Pretoria with my brother because this week's appointment is with Dr House 2 who is based in Pretoria. The following week it is back in Johannesburg so we will see what happens then. In the meanwhile here is another spoon, open wide.

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Mariposa said...

I hope and pray they find out what is wrong with her. Take care

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