Tuesday, 31 January 2012

There is too much beauty to quit

It is month end and the large monthly reports are needed to be started sprinkled with some onsite work. My day was busy from the word go. I suppose all my month ends will be like this. It was a long day for me and so will tomorrow with the reports for a large 4x4xfar company and an accounting software company to be done; I hope I can have a good sleep. My evening was sort of just a collapse at home on the couch. On the TV was a strange movie, by strange I mean weird but "Stay" drew me in with it's strange quirkiness and then wham between the eyes comes the quote that if only we open our eyes a little wider, will we realise that there is too much beauty to quit.

Okay now for a little good news, although the doctors and other learned colleagues are stumped, my sister Theresa has started eating solids, well mashed up solids that is and it aren't Monday anymore. That is two bits of good news on a Tuesday, hey, I am on a roll. My sister landed back at Nelspruit this afternoon and is back with her family, now for baby steps on her way to recovery. There is always hope and beauty for tomorrow.

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