Monday, 16 January 2012

Monday Skye

Wake me up when Monday is over. Friday was not such a great day at work either but it was an awesome weekend in between. And then Monday had to happen. I decided to test leaving Skye for the whole day with the other dogs. So I gave him a big breakfast then set off for work and only after arriving did I realise I left the office keys at home. Rather than heading back home to fetch them, I decided to wait for the next person to arrive for work, not knowing that I would be waiting for two hours. I could have made it home and back in that time.

Anyway, once opening the office, we were hit by this wall of stench. Someone forgot to take the rubbish out on Friday and did it hum. Promise not me.

Just before lunch time I decided to phone to see how Skye was coping and was told by the neighbour that Skye climbed down the stairs and didn't know how to get back up. So I rushed back home only to find Skye back upstairs wagging his tail. He must have had a busy day because he is now past out on the couch. A note of concern is that I noticed his right ear lying the wrong way. I could not find anything wrong with his ear, I hope it is alright.

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