Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Linksfield Hospital

It is day two of the working year and my sister, Theresa was driven up by her husband Hans and their two kids from Nelspruit to see the specialists at Linksfield Hospital after being hospitalised because she could not eat. See my earlier post Skinny Malinky for more information.

After work I went round to visit her and also to lead her family to where I stay so they could crash for the night. Now I am not easily impressed but Linksfield Hospital sure impressed me with their efficiency of how they treated and dealt with Theresa and her family. By the time I had got to Ward C at Linksfield, she had already gone through a barrage of exploratory tests and investigative scans with the specialist doctor at every test and scan viewing the results as they came available. I should call him "House" from the TV series about an eccentric investigative doctor called House. The preliminary results show that there may be a growth in her throat but a closer look is needed.

Please pray for my sister and her family, the specialists, the doctors and all the other medical staff involved.

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