Friday, 13 January 2012

Dr House Fails

Well Dr House, not his real name, gave up today after exhausting the entire medical journal of all known illnesses, diseases and syndromes. Or maybe with all the people praying for Theresa, that she has been miraculously healed because when they went in with the endoscope all they found was bruising. Not even a sign of the possible hernia, nothing. Dr House was at a loss for words.

Theresa is so bruised that she still can't eat other than slowing sipping on jelly and health shakes. Not sure if she can eat again, Theresa is to be discharged tomorrow and Dr House has made another appointment for her with another specialist in Pretoria next week. Dr House, it seems has past her on to another Dr House, let's call him Dr House 2, as don't we all like sequels.

With what's happening with Theresa, it is all uncertain, just like Johannesburg's weather. I mean I have all about forgotten about the highveld summer thunderstorm and in the last few days it has struck with awesome feistiness. This afternoon it didn't just rain, it hailed. With me even being not certain about my job, this is certainly uncertain times.

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