Monday, 9 January 2012

Can I sue Ballito?

I have just come back from a wonderful holiday at Ballito but three things really irked me down there and that was...

1. The town of Ballito running out of water over the Christmas holidays, their busiest season due to bad planning. The holiday seaside town taps ran dry for a week at their most busiest. There were even reports of holiday makers packing up and cancelling their accommodation.

2. The amount of chicken bones and beer bottles all over the beach. I was so concerned for my dogs as it was a handful restraining them. Who is going to pay for the vet bills if a bone does them any harm? And the broken glass, heaven forbid. I can vouch that it was one of the worst beaches I've ever been too.

3. The potholes. Yes the potholes, one in particular cost me a new tyre, thank you very much. Does anyone actually repair the roads in Ballito. I mean some of the seafront properties cost in the region of R10 million rand. How much rates do all those multi-millionaires pay for their holiday homes? Can some of that money go into fixing the infrastructure instead of building more malls.

Other than my three bug bears, I had a wonderful time only because I spent most of it north of Ballito at pristine beaches that was safe for my dogs and me.

As you must notice from my tone that I am back at work, day one and in need of a holiday to recover from my holiday and a new tyre.


Janine said...

Next time you should try something further up the coast. 30min from Ballito is paradise. A little village called Zinkwazi. There's a lagoon, beach and well - that's pretty much it. And it's safe for dogs :)

Llewellyn said...

Jerome I feel your pain. I live and work in Ballito and believe it or not, but they fixed a lot of potholes before the December rush. You should see the roads the rest of the year. The water problem is an ongoing problem, you were lucky to have electricity. There was an article in the North Coast Courier about money that disappeared from the council (rates and tax) of something like a 100milion. Until we can sort out the corruption in this town I am sad to say that thing will not change anytime soon, but we will pray hard that it does.

Anonymous said...

ah how sad that your holiday was ruined by this municipality's uselessness. i will say on xmas eve the mayor eventually stepped in on the water shortage and told them to fix it "immediately" and strangely since then all has run smoothly.
the town is outgrowing itself and so are the people in the municipality. the rich folk moving in have inadvertantly spoilt this fine peace of coastline and town. no turning back now..

Lana B said...

On the dirty beach point, keep in mind that it is also the responsibility of those visiting any beach to collect & dispose of their litter in the propper manner. Even if we have a useless municipality, the cleanliness of our beaches still remains with those who use them.

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