Saturday, 24 December 2011

Rocking Jade

Jade, a Italian Greyhound, came into my life as a small puppy on the 22 December 2010 and she turned out to be a beautiful loving dog. This morning Maxy, Jade and myself headed off very early to hike the Linksfield Ridge. Patch was left behind because of dog gout or arthritis creeping into his old bones. The plan was to meet other dog walkers at 07:30 at Gillooly's Farm but I wanted the sunrise and needed a head start up the ridge. So in the African dawn I found myself with two small dogs crossing raging streams, walking through wet elephant grass and up a rocky ridge hoping to catch the sun as it peeped over the horizon. But the sun hid behind a overcast sky and wouldn't play ball but at least it remained cool.

By 08:00 the other walkers and mixed bag of dogs joined us on top of the ridge and we then proceeded to walk along the ridge towards Observatory for about three kilometres. Later we found a path heading down so we followed it and once at the bottom we started back to Gillooly's Farm and our cars. Well Maxy, Jade and myself were now in need of well deserved rest. Once back home we crashed into a heap and slept. Rock climbing is tough work on paws and wet takkies.

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