Monday, 19 December 2011

Northcliff Ridge

Ah cool dude we have da mountain and if you wake up it's still there, awesome dude. But Cape Town lacks one thing and that is friendliness, I mean genuine friendly not this oh wow friendliness. Yes Cape Town is beautiful with its stunning scenery but beauty is only skin deep. Don't get me wrong I have awesome friends and family in Cape Town but sadly that is were it ends. Well time to let Johannesburg's secret out, we too have a mountain in the city, okay it just a couple of ridges cutting through Johannesburg but this city is the full of friendly Joburg Photowalkers. Plus Johannesburg has become the biggest urban jungle in the world with the most trees per square meter. Because of all the trees, bird species and bush babies never seen in Johannesburg are now calling it home. And that is not all, in last Convention On Climate Change, Johannesburg was voted as the most greenest environmental city in Africa. Talking about climate change, the macro climate in Johannesburg has changed from summer thunderstorms to a more tropical rainfall but that I believe is because the vast amount of trees we have here. And did I mentioned that it has the Joburg Photowalkers?

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