Friday, 16 December 2011

The Hanging of Gemma

I was asked by Empire Tattoos to take photos of their 10th Birthday celebrations. Now I am associated to Empire Tattoos from the Zombie Walks that they do yearly for charity, which are awesome by the way (see photos at Nom Nom Nom and Zombies Shuffle). Matthew being my assistant wasn't quite sure what he was in for, body piercing, body suspension, pole dancing, punk rock and fire breathing. Wait back up there a little bit, body suspension? Yes you read correctly body suspension. You should have seen Matthew's face as he watched the large hooks sink into Gemma's skin, priceless. The traffic along 14 Ave, Fairlands had some close calls while passing Empire Tattoos this afternoon. I am walking on air! Well done Gemma to be suspended on hooks like that but sorry it is not my cup of tea. I wonder if this is what a kitten goes through when its mother picks them up but the scruff of their neck.

It was a long day and Matthew and I are all sore from an enjoyable birthday bash. I will be uploading all the photos to my Facebook photo album and sharing it on Empire Tattoos group page soon but in the meanwhile to wet your appetite I will leave you with one of Gemma being suspended by four large hooks not meant to near human flesh.

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Anonymous said...

Ah! You mentioned this to me at the time. kind of sorry I missed it, and kind of glad that I did!

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