Saturday, 10 December 2011

EOS 1D X in my Hands

Canon UK walked in two recently launched Canon EOS 1D Xs into South Africa for the Canon SA Expo this weekend. And under Canon South Africa's hawk eye gaze I laid my grabby paws on the 1D X. And what a beast it is, I know can't afford it but continuous shooting RAW at 12 frames per second was heart stopping. Forget lens envy this is now Xenvy but how am I going to afford the estimated R65,000 for the 1D X when on my wishlist is a Vespa GTS 300 Super and new camera lenses. I had to leave my fingerprints behind on the 1D X as I walked away with my head drooped. Sigh. Here is Johnny also enjoying the 1D X so much that he wants to pre-order.

Another camera which caught my eye was the Canon Powershot S100. In the near future I will be in the market for a high spec pocket camera because lugging a large SLR around on my current Vespa is quite demanding; even sneaking a SLR into a concert takes skill. Now a small camera can get around those limitations. The S100 will retail about R5,000 and like the 1D X will only be available about March next year, which means that the Canon S95 prices will drop. Uhmmm, another wishlist addition.

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