Sunday, 25 December 2011

Bah Humbug

Fur trees or better known as Christmas trees have only sneaked into the Christian tradition round about 12th century in Prussia although stories have been around that it was used earlier but only as a teaching method explaining the Trinity. They were known as God's tree due to their shape as opposed to the oak tree which had deep pagan connections. During the Georgian era (18th Century) Christmas trees started appearing in English homes because of the Georgian kings Germanic ties and the influences of German merchants. The tradition nearly died in English custom with the death of Queen Victoria but a revival of Dickensian nostalgia in the 20th century made the Christmas tree popular again. Well expect for a little hick up of the Second World War when it was forbidden to cut down the trees. Now we find Christmas Trees everywhere even when Fir Trees don't grow naturally in Africa we have these artificial ones.

So why is my title of this post Bah Humbug? No I don’t think that Christmas is a hoax, not at all but this is my first year that I could ever remember that there wasn't a Christmas tree in my house. Not that I have done away with Christmas traditions but Christmas is more than this. Anyway my large Christmas tree is sitting storage. Firstly there is no space in my small cottage for such a large tree and secondly I have no one to enjoy the tree with me. I was thinking of erecting the tree on my patio but my dogs might want to mark their territory on this new tree that would have suddenly sprung up.

Anyway taking about Christmas traditions, a few weeks ago Matthew and I went shopping for a Christmas present for Matthew. We felt that it would be best that he chooses what he would like and he chose a remote helicopter. I put it away and Matthew only got the helicopter when I picked him up today. Matthew flew the helicopter until the rechargeable batteries went flat. We recharged them and he flew some more until dusk.

So Bah Humbug to my Christmas tree and Happy Birthday Jesus.

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