Wednesday, 28 December 2011

African Summer Sunsets

Africa can have these awesome sunsets and that includes Johannesburg. This evening is no different with its clouds which were the remains of a week of rain storms, now painted with the final rays of the sun. It is so beautiful and as I sit on my patio contemplating the year, my thoughts dwell on the Joburg Photowalkers which have become a big part of my photographic life. Good memories especially of Heather and of the late Jon Hrusa as Jon loved photographing clouds and tomorrow we say our final goodbye to him.

With only three days left of this year to go, 2011 is just about done. One formality left tomorrow of saying goodbye, then a last ditch attempt of spring cleaning before welcoming in the new 2012. These clouds give a good omen of only better things to come.


Anonymous said...

The clouds were really beautiful tonight.

Jane Hoskyn said...

Sunset snap :-)

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