Friday, 25 November 2011

Surreal Quiet

The weekend is finally here felt surreal as I left work this afternoon under perfect blue skies with not a cloud in sight after all the rain this week. So a perfect start. Tomorrow the parties begin, the first being a Italian Greyhound End of year picnic, then it is off on the St John's Photowalk and in the evening the Joburg Photowalkers End of Year Shindig. Sunday it gets a bit difficult as I may be having a maid come in the morning to spring clean my cottage and the choice is the Sight Hound Walk at Delta Park or breakfast at Sofie in Greenside then the Toy Run to Benoni, uhmm. I will decide Sunday morning after the shindig.

Tomorrow is nearly here but for now a beautiful peaceful evening at home before the storm of busyness. Today's photograph is of a shelf near my desktop where I am sitting now relaxing. On the shelf is a lamp, a photo of Matthew not too far, a paper crane made by Matthew with a help of my friend Karen (aka Bing) from Singapore, a photo of me taken at a Google event, a South African Revenue form and a paper iMessage note written by my friend Craig.

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