Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Raid Automatic Multi Insect Control System

On Monday night I was invaded by literacy millions of mosquitoes and I battled to get a peaceful nights sleep. So yesterday I went to the closest Pick n Pay near my work, which is at Killarney Mall, to by a mosquito repellant. Wanting to buy something small and cost efficient, I spent some time looking at all the different products available on the shelves. What caught my eye was the Raid Automatic Multi Insect Control System. Although it wasn't high on my choice of mosquito repellants because it was too big, it caught my eye because the price on the shelf stated R79.99 but the box had a discount voucher for R80.00 on it. So I took it to the manager to query it and they said yes the price was correct and the voucher valid. So I bought it, well not quite true, Pick n Pay paid me 5 cents to take it off their hands. When ringing it up the teller only put through R8.00 discount but I had to show her that the voucher said R80.00 not R8.00. I assumed the manager also thought the voucher said R8.00.

Now if Raid had to give away their products, I wasn't quite sure if it was up to scratch. After testing it last night I went back to Pick n Pay this afternoon to take some more Raid off their hands as refills but sadly all the remaining Raid Automatic Multi Insect Control Systems had the R80.00 vouchers removed. At least I will have no mosquitoes bugging me for the next 4 weeks.

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