Thursday, 17 November 2011


First thing this morning on my agenda was to drop Sophia, my Vespa ET4, off at Vespa South Africa. I did so with fear of expecting a huge bill, but that is still to come. Anyway for this reason my heart was heavy as I buried myself in SEO reports all day. Being a very hot day and sitting for long hours behind a computer screen, I started to nod off by mid afternoon. I needed oxygen. I needed to wake up. Looking forward to this evening I was spoilt for choice of what to do. On one hand there was the Robotic Orchestra and on the other was a Creative Conversation on the Art Directors Club and Wacom Power. 

The Robotic Orchestra featuring no humans is a robotic concert by electronic and mechanical means only with carbon based life forms restricted to the audience only. The robotic performers were designed by the Wits Interactive Media students along with the Wits School of Electrical Engineering.

My other choice was the Creative Conversation on the Art Directors Club and Wacom Power held at Morning Star Designs in Linden. There was a couple of friends that I hadn't seen in a long time going to be there and this swung the choice of evening do in this direction although I would have loved to have heard the robots play Beethoven. Anyway it was good to see Jim from DDS based in Cape Town again and of course Mo. 

Above is Margherita who introduced herself to me at the Creative Conversation as an Inventor. I heard about people like these but thought they were myths. Well here is one in the flesh, a girl inventor. Although I am not 100% sure of exactly what does she invent. I think, if I remember correctly something to with telecommunication. 

During the course of the evening I got an SMS from Paulo stating that Sophia is fixed and ready for collection tomorrow. Apparently one of the variators was damaged and they replaced the rollers. I am not sure what a variator is but I am sure the inventor would know.

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