Friday, 11 November 2011

Canon Ceres

Ahh product placement, I think I need to raise some money for the upcoming Canon Expo from the 9 to 11 December 2011 at the Sandton Convention Centre here in Johannesburg. So first Canon gets a great mention on my blog, cough cough, Roger Machin I could do with a new lens even if it is for test purposes. Yes that may be a wonderful idea, the Joburg Photowalkers testing Canon lenses, I surpose then we can write reports on loaned Canon equipment. Now for the Nikon photowalkers, argh shame! Sorry for you, I don't know anyone from Nikon.

Matthew, shown here is starting to get his head around advertisement and product placement as he shows his Ceres 100% Apple Juice fresh from the eden of the cape. I am sure Matthew and I can do with some more delicious Ceres fruit juice all the way from the valley of fruitfulness to our fridge. Oh course the Ceres placement photo was taken with my awesome Canon 550D with the Canon 50mm f1.5 lens.

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