Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bob Martin

It looks like all I am doing now is product shots. No, the problem is that I work in a small office and there is not many interesting things left that I can photograph and spending most of my time at the office doesn't leave much left once I arrive home and spend time with my Italian Greyhounds, cook supper, relax then get ready for bed. But no worries, tomorrow is Friday, yeah (air punch).

This week I ran out of my usual big bag of dog food that I buy which is Dog Sense for High Performance and Working Dogs. Dog Sense is made here in South Africa for the export market and is good quality dog food at a more affordable price than the imported dog food. But it does not come in small packages which I needed to tie me over till month end. So I went shopping. I was looking for a quality product that wouldn't break the bank. There were brands on the lower end of the scale such as Bobtail to the more expensive Eukanuba. I would have normally grabbed something in the middle such as Pedigree or Nutriphase to cover me till the end of the month but a new product caught my eye, Bob Martin Complete Condition Dog Food.

I don't pay much attention to how nutritious or wonderful the packaging tells me the dog food is as it is usually a marketing ploy and anyone can say they are an international nutritional expert, who is going to check. But this Bob Martin Dog Food packaging looked interesting so I took a bag to see what my fussy Italian Greyhounds would think of it. Maxy straight away loved fishing out the tender meat chucks while the other two, Patch and Jade where just their normal self and pecked at the food. Now it is the wait to see how well their digestive system handles the Bob Martin Dog Food and to monitor my dogs overall condition. So far, so good.

I know Bob Martin makes good condition tablets but if anyone has more information about this new product on our shelves other than marketing jargon please let me know, thanks.

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