Saturday, 12 November 2011

Acute Gout Attack

I started getting gout early last year and I identified the cause after eating some health bread and yogurt which I then cut out of my diet. From June this year the gout returned with vengeance and I haven't yet put my finger on the dietary problem. The gout medicine and health products don't seem to cure my gout which is coming more frequent. I woke up this morning after a terrible night without sleeping, well because of a sudden return of the gout to my left ankle. I then overdosed with pain killers and took my Italian Greyhounds for a walk or was it a run with Matthew and some dog walking friends at the bottom of my garden. The pain was about gone when I returned from the dog walk so I caught up with some well needed sleep. Late afternoon Matthew and I went over to Paulos to join some of my friends for a braai (BBQ)and during the evening the pain killers started wearing off. Ouch, what a painful drive back home. Sorry not staying up too long to write a post but I need to overdose again :-(

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