Monday, 17 October 2011


When Matthew came to stay this pass weekend, he was so excited about something hidden in his bag. When we finally arrived home, Matthew pulled out a toy model of a red Vespa P200E which apparently sits proudly in his room. No, I couldn't have it, Matthew insisted, but can touch it.

I christened her Matilda, as she looks very similar to Marlene's red P150X, Matilda and of course not to forget Matilda Wormwood, of Roald Dahl fame.

Sadly Matthew forgot Matilda at my place when he returned back to his home in Benoni but I promise to keep Matilda safe and on a place of prominence in my office.

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Bing said...

I love this! So cute! I have to tell Matthew I want one for my little toy Tomo too. =)

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