Saturday, 15 October 2011


I was not 100% sure that I should go to the Photo and Film Expo today, firstly because of my sore foot and secondly Canon wasn't going to be there. But by 11 'o clock, I said to Matthew what the heck, lets go. So off we trudged to the Northgate Dome. Even though it seems to be a Nikon show I enjoyed myself. There seem to be less smaller stores selling camera tech which wasn't good but it was less crowded which made it very pleasant. Saw the usual Joburg Photowalkers there with their usual whole event tickets and going every day and Robyn bought herself a Canon 7D. I will wait till December for the big Canon show. Oh and guess who we bumped into, yes Malcolm, my brother-in-law all the way from Cape Town. Malcolm was just stopping by on his way to Zimbabwe but it was good to see him.

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