Sunday, 9 October 2011

Lazy Sunday

Weekend laziness is what life is all about and today was a lazy Sunday. Firstly I slept in with the rugby playing in the background and every now and again I tried to listen how the Springboks was preforming. Finally I crawled out of bed to catch the end and was like most South Africans disappointed with the result. So washed up I headed for BBC on Sophia, my Vespa. It was a glorious morning to be out and about on the Vespa. At BBC I caught up my friend Lindiwe which I haven't seen in a while.

I arrived back home about mid day and just crawled back into bed for a cat nap. I shouldn't call it a cat nap on a Sunday because there aren't any cats in the Bible therefore cats are not from God. Lets just say I had a power nap for an hour or two and got up all refreshed. Then joined Craig for a late lunch at Nandos which took up the rest of the afternoon. This gave me only two hours left before sunset to take the dogs for a walk at the bottom of my garden.

After a wonderful walk in the cooling dusk, I returned home just in time as Patrick and his brother from Paris who is visiting South Africa arrived. Patrick's brother is the president of the Association des Paralysés d'Afrique, which in other words a French association that looks after the interests of the paraplegic in Africa. Well, we spent the evening catching up on old times, taking about what this French association does and enjoying the wonderful view from my patio.

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