Friday, 28 October 2011

Carts, Sushi and Battlefield 3

It is Friday and the weekend with my turn to have Matthew. It is his birthday in a weeks time but we are starting today. He is finally turning into a well balanced teenager. I left work early to go pick him up in Benoni and on the way I stopped at Skazi Clothing to pick up a lovely printed T-shirt for Matthew. While there this cart plodded past me which just made me stop in my tracks. Not everyday you get to see a horse and cart winding its way through the suburbs.

About six in the evening just as Matthew and I was to leave for Yamada Sushi, a fierce rain storm hit Johannesburg. We lost electricity at my cottage so braving the weather we made for Yamada to eat as much sushi as we can eat with friends Paulo and Magda. At Yamada, Matthew open his presents while enjoying his sushi.

With our bellies round with the tasty sushi, Matthew and I made our way to Craig's place for some Battlefield 3 which has just been released. A few hours later we headed for home where Matthew received his present from me, a Lego Starwars X-Wing fighter which when built will be about 30cm long. Well now I am heading for bed while Matthew is staying up building his X-Wing.

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