Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Spy Disaster

School holidays means holiday movies but all our plans went south. Tanya organised us two for the price of one ticket at Ster Kinekor so off we went to watch Spy Kids All the time in the world in 4D. It was just the movie that Matthew wanted to see because he had heard all about the 4D aroma experience. But when we arrived there, we found that the two for one was only for the Lion King, what, that is so ancient. So now they got us there, we might as well see the 4D movie at full price, R116.00 plus over R64 for one popcorn and two slush puppies :-( I am not a happy chappie.

So we settle down in an empty cinema only to find the projector wasn't working correctly. After trying to get it started over five times, the manageress came in and said the technician is going to reboot the projector and if that didn't work we can get a refund. But it did work and once we got going the 4D aroma scope card wasn't very effective. They all smelled the same except 4 and 5. Matthew and I were not impressed and after taking to the manager, we going to see another movie tomorrow on the house.

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