Sunday, 11 September 2011

Joburg Photowalkers is Too

With too many things happening today, the Joburg Photowalkers decided to hold their 2nd Birthday at Kameraz but Kameraz let us down badly by not pitching. Apparently they got the date wrong, uhmmm. After phoning they wouldn't come out to the rescue because as you know it was the Springboks first game during the Rugby World Cup. So everyone scratch Kameraz out of your phone books, not worth the trouble.

So now missing the rugby, the Joburg Photowalkers was out in the streets looking for a new venue. The Hyatt Regency offered us up some limited space so we set up an impromptu gathering there. It was great looking at other photographers sharing there experiences with walking the streets of Johannesburg and their passion with street photography while at the same time we followed the Springboks dismal first game as they scraped a 17 - 16 win over Wales in Wellington, New Zealand. While at the gathering I discussed with a few seasoned photographers yesterday's blog photo and the consensus is that it is a inverted reflection of the fire on the lens glass and I should have changed the angle slightly to remedy it not try and desperately clean my lens to make it go away.

Later on a few of us did a photowalk amongst the stalls of the Rosebank Rooftop Market where I took this photograph of my name. Awesome everywhere the Joburg Photowalkers go. Here is to another amazing year ahead. Joburg Rocks.

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