Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hell Jumpers OORAH!!!

I traveled to the south of Johannesburg this morning all the way to the Fun Paintball Field in Alberton for the PBC 5 Man Tactical League event (Paintball City). I was the Hell Jumpers and Hell Jumpers 2 official photographer. It was an unknown field for most of the teams and teams who played from bottom to top won most of the games at first but later started to draw as the teams started to learn how to defend the top.

I like the majority of the other spectators and players were not impressed with Team Strike Force who won the event but blatantly had people outside the game spotting for them. The marshals somehow missed the cheats in action but the other players and spectators saw them. So much so when the final came up every time one of the Strike Force members was hit they cheered out loudly in unison. I am starting to wonder why they are at the top of the league. Well it is not for me to complain but to live and paint another day.

Well here are the Hell Jumpers' 5 man team who came third (left to right) Kassie aka Bossie, Rudi aka Chewbacca, Elijah aka Berserker, Wynand aka Ice and Charlie aka Doring relaxing between games.

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