Saturday, 27 August 2011

Morphic Fields

Saturday has being a weird day for me. Firstly I had to meet an old work colleague then go join other friends for a lazy Saturday afternoon braai in the garden. But things started to unravel.

The colleague phone to inform me that could not meet at the agreed location and wanted to meet at my home instead. Then another friend phone, he had car trouble and need help. Sounding like an infomercial, let me say that's not all; my brother phoned and wanted to visit. So I had to shuffle everyone around so I could still get to my lazy afternoon braai. It was hectic but all I was aiming for was spending quality time with friends.

The lazy afternoon started slightly late because someone forgot to give Paulo a hour earlier time but it was a great afternoon which turned into evening and somehow the conversation touched on this sub-consciousness that people have between each other. For example one of my friend's mom had connection with her loved ones and knew instantaneously when something disastrous happened to them. Another friend had this connection to her parrot and graphically described events which led her to think that.

At the time I knew that I recently came across a theory by Sheldrake that described just this but for the life of me could not remember the name. When I got home later I had to look it up. It is the Morphic Field. This is a field that links humans including animals to each other, like when a dog knows when their owner is coming home or when you feel that something tragic has happened to your loved one only to find out later that they died.

Interesting topic for a group of friends to discuss on a lazy Saturday afternoon but they are my friends and I am connected to them morphogeneticly or not.

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