Saturday, 23 July 2011

Vespas and Belgium Beers

When Sophia went in for her last service I bought her a second hand windscreen but it was all hazy so my biker chick Magda, said I must come round to her place as she knows just the trick to get the screen looking almost new again. So this afternoon Magda and Martin held a braai at their place and I bought Sophia over and Magda, true to her word brought out the best of Sophia's windscreen. I must say that she knows how to handle that braso and that vibrating polisher. Here is she doting over Sophia as if she belongs to her. I better be careful Magda may want to keep Sophia.

I am posting this now as later this evening I am heading out to join my friends for a Belgium evening of Stoofvlees met frieten en mayonnaise and not to forget the Belgium beers and chocolates. Let's hope it doesn’t have an effect with the antibiotics that I am still taking.

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