Monday, 18 July 2011

Loop of Death

Ahhhhhhgggg Monday has not been kind to me. As I get to work I found my computer already switched on with the dreaded blue screen. So I calmly do what a normal person would do and that is start a disk scan and fix all the errors, note the critical word calmly. I finally get the foul thing going again. Don't get me wrong, it has not given me too much trouble in the past but today it was awfully terrible. After working for about two hours, a "cannot save" error popped up because it couldn't find the hard drive. Oh oh, looked like either the hard drive is on the way to bit heaven or maybe Windows she's broken. Anyway I rebooted and hoped for the best but it got into an odious loop. As you can clearly see in today's photo, just ignore Thando, no matter what I selected it starts booting up but then quickly ends back at this screen. Time to look for that wench of a Windows recovery disk.

The technical cavalry arrived in the form of Louwellen just before I threw the wretched thing off the balcony. He proceeded with the Windows disk to recover the poor sick puppy. Anyway but by that time my boss was very concerned with my personal state of health that he sent me home and told not to come back unless I am well again.

Yes it has been two weeks and I am still not 100%. I am feeling strong but it is in the mornings and late afternoons that the cold affects my lungs and I start coughing all over again. I am also constantly out of breath. Sigh, so off I went to the doctor and luckily he could see me straight away. He was concerned that I still was not getting better so he prescribed some stronger medicine which he promises will get me right as rain within this week or else I have to go see him again. R1,300 later, I rather get better as this is starting to cost me an arm and a leg not to mention a lung.

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