Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I miss him so

I must say that working from home and just popping into the office to drop off and collect more work has sped up my recovery. No leaving in the cool hours of Johannesburg's winter mornings or coming home in the chilly evenings. I get a lot done by been un-interrupted although this afternoon Carol and Matthew came round for tea as Carol had some papers for me to sign. It was great to see Matthew; I even had a lovely chocolate iced cupcake waiting for him. I didn't get to spend much time with him as Carol and I had life to talk about. So Matthew got stuck in watching The Big Bang Theory on my computer which he enjoys. I do miss him so much that it hurts but as Matthew told me once; he is sad but not as sad as he thought he would be. I love you my boy.

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Bing said...

I feel for you. We miss the kids badly too. A friend once told me that children don't belong to us. They are merely on loan to us and we should enjoy them as much as we can without feeling like we have to own them or have them all the time. =)

Oh, and I love Big Bang Theory too!

Get well soon!!

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